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Join Vibrant Thymes’ biz team of home-based boss-ladies!

Would you like to:

  • Get out of debt sooner?

  • Have peace of mind that you can pay your bills?

  • Contribute to your family income?

  • Build a FUN business from home or over coffee?

  • Have more money for charity or ministry?

  • Help people feel better and live freer?

If the answer to any of those is yes and you:

  • are teachable and can follow simple directions; and
  • will invest 10 hours (of your choosing) each week, then

You may be exactly who we’re looking for!

Every day, our growing team of amazing women are:

  • empowering themselves and others,
  • building thriving businesses, and
  • enriching their families. . .

. . .without having to leave home (unless they’re vacationing, traveling or globetrotting by choice)!

Meet Sarah:

Wife of 1. Mom of 5.

Poverty-Breaker. Overcomer.

14724626_702135276601452_72092925437558_nSarah Harnisch took hold of the Young Living opportunity and forever changed her family’s life and legacy.

After more than 30 years in poverty, Sarah and her husband broke the cycle. She no longer has to choose between gas in her car to go to one of multiple jobs — and food for her family.

Within a year of starting her Young Living business, Sarah said goodbye to 3-a.m. wakeups to get to her job. She now gets to sleep in (as much as any mom can) and be with her kids as much as she wants.

In July 2017, John and Sarah paid cash for their family’s new home. (The kids no longer have towels for doors.) They also paid off their family van and are living debt free and loving it.

Imagine, though, if she had passed up this opportunity.

The Opportunity That Changed Sarah’s Life:

What You’ll Also Get:

  • A Supportive — Spunky — Community – Beyond the women you see here, we’re a worldwide sisterhood of strong, supportive women of all walks and stages of life, different personalities (yes, even quiet ones) and professions.
  • A Personalized Welcome Bundle and Ongoing Support from Rebecca – I’m committed to helping provide you with ongoing support, training, ideas, and information that is tailored to your passions, priorities, and strengths.
  • Access to world-class resources, training, and support. PLUS, as you reach certain milestones, you can also qualify for rewards, bonuses, expenses-paid trips, travel or service opportunities, and more! That’s on top of your monthly commission check.


To qualify for joining the Vibrant Thymes biz-builder team, you must:

  • Start your business with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit ($160-$260).
  • Purchase $100 of business training books (we’ll provide you with a list).
  • Invest $100 each month into your health and your family’s health, by using Young Living’s Essential Rewards monthly autoship and rewards program to:
    • Order any of Young Living’s many wellness products.
      • (Enjoy oils and easily swap makeup or home products for ready-made or DIY nontoxic alternatives!)
    • Essential Rewards orders of $100 help qualify you for extra income.
    • As your team grows, your commission check can cover this monthly investment!
  • Be willing to learn. Prior experience is not required. We don’t expect you to know it all — nor do we expect you to get it all right, right away. That’s where we’re here to help. Just be willing to stick it out and use what you learn.




  • You already have a Young Living business.
  • You already have a Young Living wholesale customer account.
  • You are not ready to kick your excuses to the curb and take action. 
  • You think $260 to start a million-dollar business is “too much” of an investment into your future, your family, and your freedom.

NOTE: Vibrant Thymes does not take transfers from other Young Living teams. You can grow there with tools like Gameplan by Sarah Harnisch.

Join Our Spunky Team and Take Your Freedom to the Next Level!

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