Former “Other Woman” Explains Why Trusting Your Spouse Isn’t Enough to Protect The Relationship

If you’re in a relationship: Do you trust the other person?

If you’re single: Do you trust yourself?

If so, that’s great! But it’s not enough.

Every day, people who trust themselves still end up making poor choices.

Every day, relationships are ruined by “I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

For example:

I trusted myself — and still ended up making choices that resulted in an affair.

His wife trusted him — and he still ended up making choices that resulted in an affair.

And that’s actually quite common: People who don’t “mean” for something to happen…until it does.

How?! Why?! But…there was trust!

Watch this 4-minute message:

About Rebecca:

about-author-rebecca-haltonRebecca Halton is the author of Words from the Other Woman: The True Account of a Redeemed Adulteress. Her story of hope and caution has been featured by LifeWay,, Today’s Christian Woman, and more. Facebook / Instagram

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  • Beverly Brown says:

    If you are married, you can never be alone or share intimate details of your life with someone of the opposite sex. Period!! After going through counseling, my husband & I have purposefully committed to having this boundary in our marriage. This includes texting, calling, or messaging! If I have to communicate with another man, I include my husband by making it a group text or by telling him about the phone call or chat immediately. There are no secrets-even in the small things!