One of the Biggest Mistakes I Made This Year

This time a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed you:

In relatively quick succession, I would need three surgeries in less than six months. And the first surgery would confirm an unexpected chronic-illness diagnosis — Stage IV endometriosis (the most advanced).

Plus, another condition called adenomyosis.

(Additional, functional-medicine testing would confirm other chronic illnesses or infections, likely due to a compromised immune system.)

Thankfully, my friend Amanda’s recommendation led me to my surgeon and his amazing team. At the time, I was also fortunate enough to have insurance to help cover the costly procedures.

But that wouldn’t always be the case. . .which brings me to one of my biggest mistakes this year. . .
IMG_8229I waited to diversify my income.

I depended completely on my salary.

And when my salaried job was more than I could or should handle for my health. . .

. . .and it was best — in consult with my doctors, family, and manager — for me to step down. . .

. . .I was behind the curve of where I could have been if I started taking action sooner.

I say this not to scare you. But I do say it to give you a headstart!

(And I don’t mean headstart on getting a second out-of-the-home, limited-income job.)

Here are 2 simple, low-stress ways I’m diversifying my income, and am already seeing early growth in:

  • I began using AdSense to create ad space on my website and blog.
  • I began taking the Young Living business opportunity more seriously.
    • A traditional job no longer seemed like the right fit for this season. Being able to rest when I need to, work when it’s best to, and have higher, faster earning potential in fewer hours? Score!
    • I was already learning how their world-leading oils and products could support my body, mind, and emotions. So it was a natural fit (pun intended) without having to leave home!
    • Seeing the benefits of their products in my own life, spurred me on to help others who are trying to get and/or stay above the wellness line. Or who could use support to offset other forms of care.

Whatever you choose to do to diversify your income, I’d encourage you to not wait to start.

Because, inevitably, the day will come when you or your spouse are no longer at that job. For whatever reason that may be. In the meantime, build the peace of mind of having diversified income that you’re the boss of. Have more for your family — without leaving your family. Have plenty, for you and for the causes you care about. Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement 

Here’s what I looked for in the right home-based business opportunity for me:

  • Is it a credible company?
  • Am I passionate about it?
  • Is it a limited-use product line?
  • Is it work I would enjoy doing?
  • Would it fit seamlessly into my life?
  • Is it efficient, time-wise (more in less time)?

Whatever business you choose to use, I BLESS you in it!

And if you’re already on another Young Living team, I bless that, too! IF you’ve only been enjoying the oils and wholesale pricing up to this point, I do hope you’ll reconsider the business aspect and start building where you are within the lineup you’re already a part of.

Three of the most helpful resources to me have been:

And if you’re interested in joining our world-leading team of home-based go-getters who love people and want more freedom, flexibility, and financial wellness as much as physical or emotional wellness, I’m here to help. We’ll connect you with our amazing team, and get you the home-based training and support to:

  • enjoy greater wellness and earn extra (or fulll) income 
    • on your terms,
    • at your own pace, and
    • in the way that works best for you.

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