To Every “Starving Artist” Writer Out There

It’s more possible than ever for writers to accomplish their goals and live their dreams.

Most artists today are not starving.

They’re anorexic.

I have aspiring writers reach out to me from time to time. They all want advice, but I have yet to meet one that has what it takes.

Not because they lack a compelling story. And not because they lack ability. But because they lack teachability. Not because they lack talent. But because they’re FULL of excuses.

I’ve learned to not waste my time.

I want to work with writers — not whiners.

I’m done with putting my neck on the line while not requiring any skin in the game. That’s a horrible example for me to set for other writers and authors. It enables instead of empowers.

The “starving artist” lie has got to die.

If you’re a believer, that’s straight-up poverty mindset from the pit of hell. It helps no one, and it’s unnecessary. (If you haven’t lately, re-visit The Five Talents and stop burying your talents.)

We’re no longer in the era of artists depending on aristocratic benefactors. You no longer have to have a publisher or an agent in order to get your God-given message into print.

There are entire companies committed to helping first-time authors break into publishing through self-publishing. There’s an entire army of talented, professional freelancers out there.

But Rebecca, you may think, THAT all costs money.

You better believe it does! As well it SHOULD!

Stop operating in a prideful spirit of entitlement.

Stop bein’ stingy. Stop sowing seeds of greed by expecting more for less.

If you want a bestselling book in your future, start HONORING people with paying them what they’re worth. Start sowing generosity and prosperity instead of shortcutting and shortchanging.

Stop staring at the open cell door and complaining that no one has come to carry you out yet. Start learning the right skills, looking for solutions, and doing the work!

The authors who will arise in 2018 and change the world?

They’ll be the hungry and the humble — not the “head smart.”

They’ll be the ones with most gumption — not the best grammar.

The longer you allow your circumstances and finances to hold you back, the longer people in need aren’t hearing or reading your life-changing, chain-breaking story. Period.

With opportunities like this, there is no good reason or excuse for artists like writers to be “starving” anymore. At the very least, if you’re not actually going to follow directions and take advice…

…quit whining about your lack of progress and quit wasting people’s time.

And if you’re one of the hungry and humble, then:

  • By taking step 1, you’ll automatically be secured one of the limited spots in the exclusive, currently waitlisted writer-coaching call with me, which will cost more than the premium kit.

And if you’re not serious, then I am not the person you want writing advice from.

Because I’m deadly serious about your seeing you SUCCEED, not floundering or squandering or starving — yourself.