A vision of hope: “She will ROAR again”

A lioness on an operating table.
Her throat was mangled.
Including — or especially — her vocal chords.
3 figures surrounded her:
2, 1 on each side,
and 1 at the head of the table.
They were tending to the gash,
tenderly and meticulously mending the tears in her flesh.
The room was full of light.
It was separated and secluded…
…out of protection, not rejection.
It only seemed like she was alone;
they were all waiting just beyond the doors.
They who loved her, believed in her, hoped for her.
They who anticipated good news and stood ready to help.
She would need them, too:
She was weak in strength and roar.
She was weary from the fight that crushed her voice.
But her enemy mistakenly thought he had won.
He wrongly thought he had silenced her permanently.
No — through surrender to Their help…
…her voice is being RESTORED.
Her strength is being REGAINED.
She will RISE again.
She will RUN again.
She will ROAR again.
She will FIGHT again.
You will RISE again.
You will RUN again.
You will ROAR again.
You will FIGHT again.