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“Just keep breathing.

I remember those days. When the overwhelm was so great.

I remember the nights I’d wake up at 3 a.m. Repeatedly.

I remember when I first lifted my shirt and saw the incisions.

I remember — a begging in my eyes — asking my counselor:

“It’s going to get better, right? Right?!

I honestly did not know — or didn’t fully believe — that it was going to.

I was that discouraged. I felt that lost in the direction my life was heading.

And then I made a few key decisions that started changing everything.

Maybe you already have:

  • a clear direction for your life. Or at least this new year.
  • (if you’re single) confidence (and DRAMA-FREE dating).
  • (if you’re married) a harmonious marriage.
  • (if you’re a mom) honoring, respectful kids.
  • (if you’re a single mom) a peaceful coparenting relationship.

Maybe you’re already:

  • full of hope, sleeping soundly, and waking each day excited!
  • earning enough money through your home business or at your job.
  • well on your way to becoming debt free (if not already debt free)!
  • giving as much money away as you would like to, or starting that nonprofit!

But if not — if any of part of my story tugged at your heart — for you or someone you love. . .

. . .then don’t miss this chance to glean some HOPE for the hard places you’re walking through.