“I want to bring you real hope
for redeemed living — regardless of your past.

Why? Because that’s the gift I’ve been given — regardless of my past. It’s a gift meant to be shared. Redemption is real. It’s not a lofty idea: It’s a lifestyle.

I may be a poster girl for what not to do. But I’m determined to also be the poster girl for what God will do in spite of that! And not just what He will do for me.

For you, too.”


Photos by Ashley Trovato of Lancaster, PA

Told that she “doesn’t sugarcoat” things, Rebecca writes and speaks with boldness — but is also considerate of her readers’ and listeners’ hearts.

In 2014, she was named one of the Top 100 Christian Women Blogs. Below, by topic, are areas that she’s been invited to speak about, either through writing, on video/TV, or during radio programs and podcasts. She most enjoys teaching and encouraging others, by self-deprecatingly sharing what God’s taught her (sometimes the hard way, too).


Writing or Becoming an Author

GUEST BLOG: The Westbow Press Blog:
One Thing Better Than Success


Encouragement for Life

GUEST BLOGS: iBelieve.com

What Will Your Legacy Be?

When You’re Not Where You Thought You’d Be

Standing Up to the Stigma of Counseling

Sacrificing Friends for Followers

BOOK: Stories of Faith and Courage

Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front (Contributor)


Purity & Forgiving Ourselves

GUEST BLOGS: iBelieve.com

Why I Stopped Pretending Lust Was Just a Male Issue
Among the Top 10 iBelieve.com Articles for 2013!

Reclaiming Purity


POST: The Salvation Army

Reclaiming Purity” (Reprint)

Relationships, Dating & Singleness

GUEST BLOGS: iBelieve.com

Healing from a Dysfunctional Relationship

Could I Date Someone with HIV?

Why I Stopped Preparing for Marriage

RADIO: Broken and Beautiful with the REAL Traci Rock
Broken and Beautiful with the REAL Traci Rock

Adultery, Being the Other Woman, and Hope 

BOOK: Words from the Other Woman: The True Account of a Redeemed Adulteress

RADIO: Rebecca shares her testimony on WBCL Radio Network

POST: Today’s Christian Woman: “When You are the ‘Other Woman‘”

VIDEO:Finding Forgiveness and Healing After an Affair

POST: The Other Woman: An Interview with a Redeemed Adulteress

VIDEO:How Can I Find Redemption After an Affair?

VIDEO: Rebecca featured to crowd of 10,000+ at Red Rocks Church’s Easter 2013 Service
(Don’t forget Part Two!)

PODCAST: Rebecca on “The Two Faces of Infidelity” | Love, Love and Family Radio

PODCAST: Rebecca on Intentional Living Radio (Opposite-Sex Friendships Episodes)

PODCAST: Rebecca on Undone Redone | Life After Your Worst Day Episode

PODCAST: Rebecca on Undone Redone | A Redemptive Perspective of the Other Woman

Is Adultery Ever Funny? A Former ‘Other Woman’ on The Other Woman

How Can the Church Minister to Women Who Have Repented of Adultery?

An Interview with Rebecca Halton

TV: Rebecca on Atlanta Live (June 2013 & April 2014)
Video not yet available for replay. Click here to request.

TV: Rebecca on Dove Nite Line (April 2014)
Video not yet available for replay. Click here to request.