Has it ever felt like life’s yanked the rug out from beneath you?

Now you quietly, even tearfully, wonder:

“Will it ever get better?”

Prior to July 2017, Rebecca Halton was:

  • a disheartened 30-something single woman with a string of failed relationships and who doubted there were any good men left;


  • suffocating under $80,000 of student loan debt and felt hopeless about how to pay it off faster;


  • had been in and out of more operating rooms and blood-draw cubicles in less than six months than most people are in a lifetime;


  • grappling with the emotional, physical, and hormonal fallout of three surgeries and an “incurable” chronic illness diagnosis;


  • harboring her real motivation for using her post-op prescription pain medication;


  • floundering in her home-based side business; and


  • struggling in her high-stress job as a professional writer who had lost her passion.

The only thing weaker than her physical strength was her hope.

Since July 2017, Rebecca has:

  • found personal healing and renewed hope for marriage (plus met an amazing man) through a life-changing relationship seminar;


  • gained a better strategy for paying off debt faster and annihilated more than $1,600 in less than five months;


  • began building better stress-management skills and also heeded doctors’ encouragement to consider a career change that gives her more freedom, more fun, and less stress;


  • learned simple skills and tools that more than quadrupled her home-based business check;


  • reconciled disconnected relationships with important friends and family who she had been resenting for years;


  • reclaimed her passion for life and writing, and now has greater vision and bigger dreams for her life;


  • now empowers other women around the country with the opportunity to live freer, love greater, and get their better days back, too;


  • speaks out as an advocate for chronic wellness awareness, connecting other women with powerful, natural options to help them get their strength, confidence, and hope back;


  • sold the couch she used to spend hours on, from fatigue or in despair, and now travels every 4-6 weeks, meeting amazing people, having more fun, and building her home-based business from anywhere!


  • not touched her anti-anxiety medication since September 2017, thanks to natural alternatives; and


  • has her confidence back, has more energy again, has healthfully lost weight and gained strength back, feels better than ever, and is no longer living in fear of her past “incurable” chronic illness diagnosis.


Because of the transformation she’s witnessed with her own eyes, the same nurse who cautioned that she was heading for deep depression later said to Rebecca:

“Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it…”

“…because the woman I see now, with life back in her eyes, is not the same woman who was sitting here several weeks ago.”