I’m SO EXCITED that you’re here!

I can only imagine what you’ve been through or may be going through right now.

Or maybe life is good (also awesome) and you’re being proactive. That’s great, too!

Either way, I’m pumped that you’re here because I’m certain of Young Living’s life-enriching potential.

Whether you:

  • Only want the savings (yeah wholesale pricing) and don’t want to build a business; or
  • Also want to help others get free (while you qualify for commissions and bonuses)…

…I’m here to help you.
Not to pressure you.

I’m here to hope with you.
Not to harp on you.

Now let’s get you signed up: keep scrolling!

How to Sign Up

Let me save you time by telling you up front what you’ll need:

  • 5 – 10 minutes free (more focus = faster process)
  • A payment method for your premium starter kit

1. Choose “Become a Member” on Young Living’s main U.S. webpage (upper-right corner).

(Visit here for other country or language options. Then follow the remaining sign-up steps.)

2. Choose your membership option.

(You’re still welcomed on the team, even if you currently plan to just enjoy the oils and savings!)

3. Choose your membership details.

(IMPORTANT: In this case, the sponsor and enroller would be me. My ID is 1743386. Yay!)

4. My favorite: Pick your premium starter kit!

(A one-time investment in valuable basics. It feels like Christmas when it arrives!)

5. Optional: Activate Essential Rewards.

(Essential Rewards is awesome! But you can always do this later if you’re not sure. Waiting to activate Essential Rewards does not prevent you from finishing the sign-up process now.)

6. Confirm your choices.

(Adding extra products to this first shipment is optional. Your premium starter kit of awesomeness is the only thing you’re “required” to order today.)

Finally, there will be a few more steps and sign-up’s done!

(After you complete these steps on the website, Young Living will lead you through a few more, simple steps to confirm your shipping and payment info.)

After You’re Done:

  1. We’ll add you to our team’s group after I’m notified by Young Living of your sign-up (I can’t wait for you to meet the rest of the team!)
  2. You’ll receive your premium starter kit according to your shipping choices during sign-up and payment.
  3. You’ll also be in the loop for optional training opportunities, and more!

Questions? I’m here to help!

Email me via
info@rebeccahalton.com, or

Tweet me via
@rebecca_halton, or

Facebook me via

Note: As a big believer in work-life balance, I reserve checking email — and sometimes social media — for weekdays. What good is having a weekend if we don’t go enjoy it, right? 

Rebecca Halton

Young Living Distributor #1743386