How Would I Pay for Another Surgery?!

Welcome to my life with Stage IV endometriosis.

This month, I’ll find out if another surgery is in my near(er) future.

That would bring me to four surgeries since October 2016.

That’s nothing:

I’ve met women with endometriosis who are in the double digits.

It’s only been six months since my third surgery: a hysterectomy.

(Hysterectomy is not a cure for endometriosis. Especially not Stage IV.)

But whether ultrasound, first, or surgery (or both), it’s all up to me:

Because I’m uninsured, since stepping down from my full-time job (for my health).

(And please don’t assume or infuse anything political into “I’m uninsured.”)

Why am I not fundraising?

  • I have nothing against fundraising for assistance.
  • I think it’s amazing to see people helping people.
  • I simply prefer another, more sustainable way.
  • I love getting to help others in this process.

What is a laproscopy?

  • Basically, my surgeon goes in with a camera to check on the progression of the endometriosis.
  • (I have Stage IV; the most advanced. One thing that means? It’s spread to other areas.)
  • He removes as much as he can, and also intervenes if scar tissue or other defects are found.
  • In some cases, another specialist may need to be called into the operating room to assist.

According to CostHelper:

A patient without insurance would typically pay an average of $1,700 to $5,000 for a laproscopy.

Laparoscopies performed in hospitals can cost 25% more than in, for example, a surgical center.

On the other hand, some surgical centers or hospitals may offer discounts for out-of-pocket payers.

Other potential, related costs:

– Extended post-op hospital care

– Lab testing of biopsied samples

– Post-op examinations and tests

– Prescription medication(s)

How you could help:

– I may not have a traditional j-o-b anymore, but I do have a business now. It’s a relatively young business with incredible income potential. I love getting to help people through it. When life felt flipped on its head, this business is helping me have a sense of dignity (instead of discouragement).

And every bit does help, in a more sustainable way than a “donation” would.

Here are a few, specific ways:

1. Watch this video featuring expert Jen O’Sullivan

2. Gather your friends and host an oils basics class in your home (don’t worry, I’ll do all the teaching). Or if I’ve invited you to an online class — share with friends and tune in as you can!

3. Start enjoying the oils yourself, for the reasons Jen mentioned in her video.

How does this help you?

  • Awesome video, right?! Now get your hands on a no-obligation premium starter kit.
  • You & your family get to start enjoying the benefits of these amazing products & company.
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  • The gift that keeps giving: Knowing that you win, too, is healing for me. Energizing.

To be clear, supporting my business makes you a customer — not a donor. The cost of a no-obligation premium kit (which also saves you 50%) would not be tax deductible.

Thank you! You have no idea how helpful and hope-full this is…and not just for me, but you and your family, too.