Ten years ago, Dr. Mary Starr Carter was a stressed-out, self-professed workaholic on the verge of a nervous breakdown and suffocating under student loan debt.27658009_10156068846624534_1706740237085803643_n

Now, she’s a wife and homeschooling mom who retired from her high-stress full-time practice at 30 to become:

  • a mompreneur and mommy blogger
  • an essential oils expert
  • a step-by-step wellness coach for pain, allergies, sleep and weight loss

Thousands now know her as The Total Wellness Doc & Mom, a wellness expert, an encourager and a Word-loving prayer warrior.

Mary has helped women for more than a decade to reclaim their health, lose weight, and feel 20 years younger. Knowing what it’s like to struggle with weight and failing health, she offers guidance and HOPE for your health now and your health for life!

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Be encouraged by her powerful story of the same freedom that awaits you!

Untitled design-29Like Dr. Mary, I was also in a high-stress job and haunted by how to even start paying my grad-school loan debt.

Plus I was 3 surgeries deep into a chronic illness diagnosis and hiding my real motivation for taking post-op prescription pain killers after work.

My medical team was concerned that I was heading for deep depression.

In less than six months, I more than tripled my Young Living check. I’ve paid off more than $1,800 of my debt. And I now travel every 4-6 weeks, thanks to the freedom to work and help people from virtually anywhere.

I also feel better than ever, and have a visible joy and confidence back that people keep noticing (I’m not only a Young Living business woman, I’m also a satisfied user of their amazing products, from nontoxic makeup or household cleaners and personal care products, to therapeutic-grade essential oils and oils-infused supplements)!

Even my medical team said at my last checkup:

Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!

I now have the energy and passion to self-publish another book, and I’m eager to provide more women with the chance to change their lives and futures, too! My “secret” has been the Young Living business opportunity.

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