First Time at First Steps to Success? 4 Mistakes to Avoid

So — you’re going to Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success for the first time? Awesome!

I first attended First Steps to Success in July 2017.

At first, I thought it was unusual that there seemed to be such a high percentage of returning attendees. Now, it’s no wonder why (to me). It’s been a life-changing decision for me — so I’m excited about it’s potential for you!

Speaking of which, yes, that’s me talking with Dani in the photo below. I assume by now you’ve already seen a photo of her. But just in case — I‘m the one clutching the microphone with both hands.

Which brings me to four mistakes you might want to avoid making during your first time at First Steps:

Photo courtesy of Viviane Niemann, taken at First Steps to Success (July 2017)

1. Don’t completely keep to yourself.

Other teammates from our home-based business team were there, at my first First Steps. Meeting them in person was one of my favorite aspects of the event. But I didn’t only spend time with my teammates or people I’d already met at the event.

I could see the exception being a couple. Or a parent who’s child is with him or her. But in general, I’m so glad I went into the sessions “alone.” I purposely sought out a new seat at the start of each day. Which, proved to be an advantage because finding one available seat (closer to the front) is more likely than finding multiples.

If you are there with teammates, don’t be afraid (or offended) to split up!

That, combined with getting in line early (like, at least 2 – 2.5 hours early…don’t worry, you won’t lose your spot if you have to pee) is how I snagged a front-row seat on the side, the first day! I get it — sometimes I like to keep to myself, too. Especially in new environments.

But to get the most benefit out of this opportunity, give it your best.

Which means not being buried in your phone every chance you get.

Oh, and if you haven’t already signed up for it, DO stay for the Entrepreneur Workshop on Monday–especially if you’re also a home-based business owner!

2. Don’t let fear win.

Don’t let that photo fool you: I’m more introvert than people often suspect. In fact, the reason I was holding the microphone with both hands? To help steady it so it wouldn’t be as obvious that I was shaking.

You may or may not get the opportunity to ask Dani a live question. But if you do this weekend well, other fears you already have will start squirming. Like fresh air, the event’s atmosphere of freedom offend fears that have been swimming in your thoughts like parasitic bottom-dwellers that can’t survive on land.

Decide now that you will not let fear win.
Be bold (within the event’s boundaries and policies).
Speaking from shaky experience: It will be worth it!

3. Beware the ‘Bucks.

On a subconscious level, I probably knew that hotel food prices would be high. But I forgot that they would be, like, airport-prices high. I’m talkin’ $3 for a Luna bar. Just one. Not kidding. I know people who brought food. Others did a combination of eating in (what they brought) and dining out.

Even I started skipping Starbucks and just drinking the complimentary coffee in our hotel room. I know it can be easy to justify the extra spending — especially while you’re in a new place for a limited time. Which is how I ended up having french fries every dayTrue story.

I’m also not suggesting that you forsake every opportunity to enjoy an eatery within the hotel or host city. Just be aware so you can prepare. BONUS: what you save on coffee that you’ll eventually flush away (if you know what I’m sayin’), you could invest in some of the event-discounted resources!

4. Don’t forget your reinforcements.

Between the french fries every day and the ways I relaxed on my own wellness support regimen–I was sick within days of returning from First Steps to Success. (To be fair, I am personally healing from surgeries and chronic illness.)

Any sickness was no one else’s fault. My wellness while traveling was my responsibility. That’s my only point to you: To keep in mind that your mind and body are workin’. Take extra care as best you can before and during First Steps, to help you feel and stay as well as possible.

If you do this weekend right, you’ll leave there pumped and ready to ride the wave of momentum as soon and as long as possible. You won’t want to be sidelined by getting sick; not if you can avoid it.

Once you’re at First Steps:

As you start to meet people that first morning, ask what they’ve found to be the best ways to get the most out of your investment of time and money to be there! And have fun!

Your turn, fellow FSTS grads:

Have you also already attended at least one First Steps to Success? What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a first-timer? Comment below and help ’em out!

DISCLAIMER: This blog post does not imply an endorsement of me, my home business, or any other views I share on my blog, by Dani Johnson or anyone affiliated with or First Steps to Success. I’ve not been asked or compensated to write this. Just hoping to help newbies have a great first experience!

IMG_1395-RebeccaHalton-CityLifestyle-160607Rebecca’s a July 2017 First Steps to Success graduate. She attended as a home-based businesswoman who felt stuck in multiple areas of her life. She left feeling lighter and clearer on next steps for her business, her family relationships, and herself. Learn more about First Steps to Success HERE.

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  • Abigail says:

    You forgot, if asking a question direct to Dani Johnson be prepared for her to see straight through the question and ask you to name your deepest fear surrounding the question!

    Also don’t wait until the last oppurtunity to buy from the store, get in as early as you can,if you know what you want.

    Get contact info for the people you meet, they will be constant reminders of what you learnt, offer new perspectives on it and be so supportive as they watch you make changes to your life!

    • Rebecca Halton says:

      Haha! Yes! Definitely the BEST part of getting to ask her a question. :) And great tips, re: the store and contact info! Yes! So glad we connected, Abigail!