Are you:

  • A wife who longs to feel a deeper emotional connection to your husband (but you’re holding back because of past hurts)?


  • A single woman who’s tired of repeating the same dead-end dating, dud dating, or dysfunctional dating patterns?

What if there were something:

  • simple
  • natural
  • affordable

That could help you begin to release and clear self-limiting emotional patterns in the privacy of your own home?


There is something that can help you let go of the emotional baggage holding you back.

Single ladies, if you’re serious about:

  • feeling MORE CONFIDENT in today’s dicey dating world;
  • BREAKING FREE from the bondage hurts from the past or fears about the future; and
  • being REJECTION-PROOF because you’re freer from trust issues and abandonment fears.

Married ladies, if you’re serious about:

  • having MORE BODY CONFIDENCE around your husband (both in and beyond the bedroom);
  • SHATTERING SHAME from your past and stop punishing him for what previous guys did; and
  • BUILDING DEEP CONNECTION with your husband, unhindered by your fears or wounds.

Then your next step is to try Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. As soon as you begin to read the stories inside, you’ll discover how beautifully and powerfully God designed our brains and these plants to work in uniquely powerful ways…including emotionally.

Molly’s Story:

Molly is a forty-year-old woman who has done a lot of personal growth work, including psychotherapy, for years. While she thoroughly understood the dynamics of her relationships, she was unable to break the emotional patterns that bound her. She started using Lavender to clear her deep-seated abandonment issues along with the statement, “I learn from all of life’s experiences.”

Shortly thereafter, she found herself in a situation with her boyfriend where she felt compelled to express her feelings rather than continue to keep them bottled up inside herself. The next morning, she felt fabulous and self-empowered. 

Her boyfriend wanted to end the relationship.

For the first time in her life, she was able to say and mean, “If that’s what you really want and need for yourself, I’ll respect your decision.” In spite of the fact that she missed him and knew it was the right decision, this was the first time she was able to go through a breakup without engaging her abandonment issues and begging for her lover to come back.

She attributed it all to clearing her emotional pattern of abandonment. (p. 11, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils)


What you’ll need:

  • Your copy of Dr. Carolyn Mein’s LIFE-CHANGING book
  • Your Young Living premier starter kit with diffuser


(Young Living is the brand and exclusive blends Dr. Mein references and recommends for the emotional clearing exercises detailed inside the book.)

I’ve spent hundreds on counseling sessions and other emotional-wellness products that didn’t work for me like Young Living’s oils have. You can get started for less than $200. All you stand to lose is the emotional baggage holding you back. What you stand to gain is the love life you really want — including your own love for yourself.

Don’t keep putting off love: Get started by ordering your kit and book now, and go to sleep tonight with more hope than you’ve felt in a long time — knowing that you’ve made a great choice of picking love over hate and faith over fear….

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