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Ladies: Don’t Make This Hair Removal Mistake

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I made this hair removal mistake for years. I’m speaking up about this personal issue, in the hopes that it helps you or a woman you care about. Starting in my early 20s, I began sprouting dark facial hairs. And, being that I have fair skin and dark hair, they were pretty noticeable. It didn’t seem normal — but wasn’t alarming, either. I mentioned it at an annual exam, only to have my gynecologist chalk…

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Former “Other Woman” Reacts to Lysa TerKeurst’s Marriage News

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I was in a coffee shop waiting for a friend, when I saw Lysa TerKeurst's marriage news: I gasped and resisted the urge to sob (in public). In the post, she revealed that her husband of almost 25 years has been having an affair with a woman he met online. In what was no doubt a thoughtful, thorough, and difficult decision, Lysa has decided to seek a divorce. (She elaborates on her journey to the...
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Singles: Are You as “Ready” for Marriage as You Think?

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I used to think I was “ready” for marriage. And then I took an honest look at my life. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that singles start getting legalistic about marriage preparation. Nor am I suggesting that we try to manipulate God into giving us a spouse. That’s not my intention at all. However, my intention is to encourage us all to take a humble look at our lives. One of the most sobering moments was…

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The Real Reason I Haven’t Been Blogging

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For a blogger, I haven’t been doing much blogging lately. At first, it was easy to excuse it away as “not having enough time,” or “because I work a day job,” but then I got honest with myself about the real reason I haven’t been blogging: Perfectionism. (Can anybody relate?) I’ve been waiting for the “perfect” topic(s). Which would have the “perfect” SEO keywords. And then I’d have to figure out and/or design the perfect image or…

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When You're Not SureWhat to Write About(Mark Twain's Answer)

Not Sure What to Write About? (Mark Twain’s Answer)

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I confess I've been going through a bit of what the marketing world would consider a "brand-identity crisis." The past four years, in particular, have been a bit disorienting. Especially when I decided to start freelance writing for income, amidst a difficult seasons of under- or unemployment. I took that to mean I needed this site to start pulling its professional weight. Not just be a place for personal burdens. Less play, more work, as I took...
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Words from the Other Woman | Read the First Chapter Here

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“Rebecca’s testimony is a powerful reminder of God’s redemption for any of our mistakes, even—or maybe especially—the ones society says are most unforgiveable.” –Holly Massie, Order Words from the Other Woman from WestBow Press (available in paperback and for e-readers) Order Words from the Other Woman from Amazon (available in paperback and for Kindles) Order Words from the Other Woman from Barnes & Noble (available in paperback and for Nooks; ask your local Barnes &...
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