Blogging: The 1 ‘Unusual’ Rule I Have for Photographers

I’ve been managing my own WordPress (.org, not .com) website since at least 2012. (Special thanks to, too!)

SIDE NOTE: I do not have a background in web design or coding. So if you don’t either, welcome to the club. The majority of what I’ve since learned has either been through self-teaching and investing in related trainings. The secret is being teachable.

Here’s one of the biggest reasons why photos — yes, of you — are so important:

“…visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.” –Fast Company 

More things are competing for website visitors’ attention than ever. You have seconds to grab their attention and communicate your intention for their visit. Such as how you’ll help them, what you offer, who you are, or how they might relate to you.

I currently invest in an average of one photoshoot a year. Here are 3 of the main reasons why:

  • So the images are relatively current — I look like me.
  • So my branding keeps up with how I’m growing as a person.
  • So I’m freshening up the experience my website visitors have.

Here’s what I look for in a photographer:

  • Value for the price (what’s included, in relationship to the price).*
  • Skill with natural-light photography (natural light’s my favorite).
  • Experience with candid photography and/or photojournalism.
  • How they are to work with — if I’m comfortable with them!

*Notice I did not say “cheap.” A great photographer — great in skill and in partnership as a vendor — is worth every penny. Little bit ‘o’ tough love: Stop bein’ stingy or short-changing people! You reap what you sow; if you sow poverty-thinking, you reap poverty-living. (I’m not suggesting that you go into debt — but stop expecting everyone to do everything for free.)

IMPORTANT: Communicate with a prospective photographer. Ask questions. Trade visions. Clarify costs or additional expenses. For example, how many outfit changes are included in the price? Will it cost extra depending on how far they’ll have to drive to your chosen location?

Here’s the one rule I have for any photographer that I work with:

I want to see my freckles. 

Depending on the lighting, my freckles aren’t always easy to see in photos. But when they are visible, I don’t want them (re)touched. Same goes for the birthmark by my right eye. I’m not opposed to photoshopping out a zit. But my freckles? Those aren’t blemishes.

In my opinion:

A photographer worth hiring is one who believes in celebrating your natural beauty. Someone who will encourage you to celebrate who you are and embrace what makes you unique. Shine, don’t shy (away).

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Your turn:

What do you think of this rule? Comment below!

Photo by Wishbone Photography of Lancaster, PA

(Visit Wishbone Photography’s Facebook Page HERE)