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Words from the Other Woman: The True Account of a Redeemed Adulteress

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“Rebecca’s testimony is a powerful reminder of God’s redemption for any of our mistakes, even—or maybe especially—the ones society says are most unforgiveable.”

–Holly Massie,

When You're Not SureWhat to Write About(Mark Twain's Answer)

Not Sure What to Write About? (Mark Twain’s Answer)

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I confess I've been going through a bit of what the marketing world would consider a "brand-identity crisis." The past four years, in particular, have been a bit disorienting. Especially when I decided to start freelance writing for income, amidst a difficult seasons of under- or unemployment. I took that to...

Investing in Resting

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One of the hardest things for me to do is — nothing. Like, literally nothing. Several years ago, I prayed a “be careful what you pray for” prayer, and asked for more patience. If you’re already chuckling, it’s probably because you’ve prayed that prayer, too. I had no idea what…

Writers & The “Starving Artist” LIE

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I don't approach my laptop lightly: This has been a post I've been slow to write.  Why? Because some of you will take this to heart, some of you won't need to because this isn't your lesson to learn right now, and some of you are not going to like this. Some of you...
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“What Should I Charge for My Writing?”

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This is a common -- and seemingly mysterious -- question for new or aspiring freelance writers: What Should I Charge for my (Freelance) Writing? Opinions may vary, but in mine (and my experience): Your freelance-writing price should be a reflection of homework -- not guesswork! The answer to figuring out your...