Ladies: Don’t Make This Hair Removal Mistake

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I made this hair removal mistake for years. I’m speaking up about this personal issue, in the hopes that it helps you or a woman you care about. Starting in my early 20s, I began sprouting dark facial hairs. And, being that I have fair skin and dark hair, they were pretty noticeable. It didn’t seem normal — but wasn’t alarming, either. I mentioned it at an annual exam, only to have my gynecologist chalk…

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Confession: I’m ‘Offended’ by My Young Living Business

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I stood at a comfortable distance, searching my own thoughts: C’mon. I could have already gone over and been done by now—let’s go. You know how life-changing this business is; just think of how this could help them, I pepped in my own thoughts. But I felt stuck and grasped for a good excuse to not talk to them. Stuck in the sludge of self-limiting thoughts and fears, like: I dunno: Do they really look like “the…

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“I believe in bright futures despite bleak pasts — because I’m living it.”Rebecca Halton

Rebecca HaltonIf there’s one message that Rebecca Halton could share with the world, it’s that redemption is real. (And “repentance” isn’t a bad word.) But redemption isn’t some form of amnesia: “I truly believe God is more interested in removing your shame than removing your memories.”

She’s increasingly passionate and unapologetic about “living redeemed” and seeing others willfully walk in freedom from whatever shame haunts them. Whether it’s through writing books or blogs, speaking (live or via social media), or appearing on podcasts or in video interviews, Rebecca’s greatest hope is exactly that: HOPE. To seed it. To feed it. To fuel it. To FREE it.