Writing from Home: Why I Often Wear Workout Clothes

One of the reasons I love working from home as a freelance writer, author, and entrepreneur, is I pretty much get to wear whatever I want. I mean, there’s no other way to say it: it’s just that cool. 

Most days, when I don’t have meetings, recordings or off-site sessions, I look more like I’m going to the gym than to my writing desk. There are real and strategic reasons for this, the top two being:

1 If I’m dressed to work out, I’m actually ready for exercise intervals throughout the day! During a full day of writing, breaks are important. And one of the best types of breaks for a writer, is an exercise break! As long as I’m dressed for it, I can seamlessly move between sitting and writing, to moving and re-energizing, and back to writing some more! Plus: workout clothes doesn’t have to mean a ratty t-shirt!

Bonus Tip: I even usually keep my running shoes on while I write, so I’m that much readier to hop up, get the blood pumping for a minimum of 10 or 15 minutes, and then get back to writing! (Don’t forget to hydrate and re-hydrate!)

Exercise intervals:

  • Help break up a day of mostly sitting;
  • Release some good endorphins, and reduces the risk of mental fatigue;
  • Save time (no lost time changing into and out of workout clothes or shoes);
  • Promote good health and strength to handle the demands of sitting for hours; and
  • Don’t require a huge chunk of consecutive time during a full day, (I happen to like the gym, but this is a more time-effective way to workout during writing day, especially if there’s a deadline to meet by that afternoon);

(This is in addition to the many other great benefits to daily exercise!) 

2 I’m more comfortable while I’m writing. Years ago, my job at the time required that I wear what we’ll call “business semi-formal” — meaning it behooved me to regularly wear tailored suits and dress shirts, or at least have a blazer on standby at my desk. I still wear things like blazers of “fancy casual,” especially to certain meetings or events, but I also notice how much more comfortable I feel when I’m writing in workout clothes.

They’re loose-fitting and I don’t have to fuss, or in some cases feel physically uncomfortable after hours of wear. And as someone who’s played sports all my life, workout clothes actually evoke a “game time” feeling for me that still activates a sense of mental focus. (On the other hand, I don’t recommend writing in your pajamas: I’ve done that, and it signals something else to my subconscious.) 

amanda roseBonus Tip: Australia’s Strategic Connector Amanda Rose also had some great insight on this topic of what to wear — it’s worth checking out next: “Amanda Rose, to be a ‘Professional’ Writer, do I have to wear a suit?”

Click here to check it out now:

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