How To for Writers: Four Ways to Find a Literary Agent

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In this video, I share four of the primary ways you can begin looking for agents to approach. I also share how I “found” my agent, but had actually been introduced to one, and sought out by a second!

However, searching and finding potential agents doesn’t mean you’re ready to sign with a literary agent. Nor does it mean you’ve reached a point where you’re the type of author who, frankly, an agent should want to sign!

Questions to ask yourself first (and answer HONESTLY):

  • Do you even need an agent? Are you actually considering self-publishing? (You don’t need an agent for that.) Should you be considering self-publishing at this point instead of traditional publishing. Now more than ever, self-publishing with the right company can be a very viable, profitable way to become a credible author.
  • Do you understand what the purpose of an agent is? Are you searching for a literary agent under a misconception that you think you need them for something that they actually don’t/won’t/shouldn’t do for you? Again, just because you want an agent, doesn’t mean you’re ready for one! If you haven’t taken the initial steps towards publishing, you’re not ready for the advanced ones!
  • Are you already taking proactive steps to not just publish a (one) book, but to establish yourself as an author? Agents and publishers are less willing to sign someone who’s only interested in being a “one-hit wonder”. In many cases, they’re more interested in a person with VISION and LONGEVITY.
  • Do you already have a track record of publishing posts, short stories, articles, etc.? If you haven’t taken the steps to establish an online presence (setting up your own site, successfully querying magazine or blog editors, drafting a manuscript or at least developing an outline for your book), and I was an agent…well, I probably wouldn’t want to work with you. Why? Because agents aren’t meant to be hand-holders or babysitters. Remember this — write this down…

People are more willing to work with people who are willing to work (and you increase your chances when you have proof, a track record, of that)!

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