My Promise to You for 2016

a special message from Rebecca

I thought of all the things I could say here. The accolades I could list. The “Christianese” I could spout. 

But it’s really this simple:
I want this blog to be a place that you can count on for encouragement.

I want to encourage you in your God-given dreams, and through your God-permitted tough times. Why? Because I know I’m with you, not because I think I’m above you. I’m not perfect, I don’t have life neatly figured out, and I have times when I need encouragement, too.

So whether it’s through my own vulnerability about what I’m walking through — or through an empowering article or inspirational guest interview — I want this to be a banquet table of encouragement. One that you can sit at anytime you need the kind of friend who’s going to celebrate with you, lament with you, and ultimately believe in you because they believe in God’s goodness for you. 

Yes, sometimes there will be a portion of tough love on the menu — but I’m committed to it being truth in love. I am as sweet as I seem, but I am also tougher than I look, and occasionally, I’m feistier than I mean to be. And other times I’m exactly as feisty as I mean to be. 

If you resonate with that, then you’re my kind of people. And if you don’t share that personality, I’m still in your corner. Because if there was any one specific exhortation I received from the Lord for this blog, it was this:

To be my authentic self, and to believe in your authentic self.

That’s my blog promise to you, as I begin making changes here for 2016:
To be authentic, and to believe in authentic.

So what I need you to do next, is be sure to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Because in between blog posts, I keep the encouragement coming through all three of those channels. (Plus, they’re always places where I can enjoy connecting with readers, personally.)

With love,