How to Create a New Post in WordPress

How To Create a NEW Post In WordPress

Congratulations! You’re ready to publish a new post for your new Web site! This is very exciting, and I commend you on taking this step – because I remember how overwhelmed I felt when I was starting out.

But YOU CAN DO THIS — you’ve got this, and I’ve got your back!

So grab your pen and paper, and watch this 12-minute video about creating a new post. When you’re done watching, scroll below for some success-minded pointers that will help you get off to a GREAT START!

Happy Writing!


Two BONUS Tips for Writing a Great Post:

  • More Is Not Merrier. A long-winded writer leads to lost readers. Just because you can write as much as you want in your own post, on your own site, doesn’t mean you should write as much as you want. It’s important to remember that your reader has limited time and attention, too!
  • Speak from Your Heart, for Your Readers. Write in such a way that communicates to your reader. Speak to a concern they have — write in such a way that ministers to or meets a need they have. When you provide them help and support, they’ll appreciate you more.

How Can I Help You Next? 

Use the form below to send me a question you have after watching this video! I care about finding new ways to help you: quick and simple action steps, plus inspiration and encouragement, to help you succeed in your writing dream!

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