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Words from the Other Woman: The True Account of a Redeemed Adulteress

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“Rebecca’s testimony is a powerful reminder of God’s redemption for any of our mistakes, even—or maybe especially—the ones society says are most unforgiveable.”

–Holly Massie,

Stop Trying to Go Back, Butterfly

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Why, Papa?  Why does life feel so…awkward…right now? Because there’s no going back, butterfly. When a caterpillar transforms, then emerges from its cocoon, it literally cannot fit its old mold. You’re destined to break the mold, not fit it. And when you try to fit the new you — which…


Singles: Are You as “Ready” for Marriage as You Think?

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I used to think I was “ready” for marriage. And then I took an honest look at my life. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that singles start getting legalistic about marriage preparation. Nor am I suggesting that we try to manipulate God into giving us a spouse. That’s not…


The Real Reason I Haven’t Been Blogging

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For a blogger, I haven’t been doing much blogging lately. At first, it was easy to excuse it away as “not having enough time,” or “because I work a day job,” but then I got honest with myself about the real reason I haven’t been blogging: Perfectionism. (Can anybody relate?) I’ve…