“I believe in bright futures despite bleak pasts — because I’m living it.”Rebecca Halton

If there’s one message that Rebecca Halton could share with the world, it’s that redemption is real. (And “repentance” isn’t a bad word.) But redemption isn’t some form of amnesia: “I truly believe God is more interested in removing your shame than removing your memories.”

She’s increasingly passionate and unapologetic about “living redeemed” and seeing others willfully walk in freedom from whatever shame haunts them. Whether it’s through writing books or blogs, speaking (live or via social media), or appearing on podcasts or in video interviews, Rebecca’s greatest hope is exactly that: HOPE. To seed it. To feed it. To fuel it. To FREE it.

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Hot Wives: A Very Special Valentine’s Gift from Me to You

| Daily Encouragement | No Comments
I love seeing marriages thrive any time of year. But I know Valentine's can be a particularly special or fun opportunity for the two of you. And when I kept hearing my wife-friends RAVE about these two essential oils, I knew I had to share. Especially before the Valentine's ordering rush! But I also wanted to do something extra special for wives who enjoy -- or want to try -- something new with their one who said...

“Someone I Know is Having an Affair: Now What?” | The Redeemed Adulteress

| The Truth About Affairs and The Other Woman | No Comments
"Someone I know is having an affair. Rebecca, what do I do?" One of the more common questions I'm asked is what to do when someone you care about is having an affair. I applaud people who ask -- the courage it takes and the care it conveys. Because a lot of people screw this part up. When I was in my affair all those years ago, I experienced every type of reaction when is started confessing and...

To Every “Starving Artist” Writer Out There

| Writing Advice & How-Tos | No Comments
It's more possible than ever for writers to accomplish their goals and live their dreams. Most artists today are not starving. They're anorexic. I have aspiring writers reach out to me from time to time. They all want advice, but I have yet to meet one that has what it takes. Not because they lack a compelling story. And not because they lack ability. But because they lack teachability. Not because they lack talent. But because...