“I believe in bright futures despite bleak pasts — because I’m living it.”Rebecca Halton

Rebecca HaltonIf there’s one message that Rebecca Halton could share with the world, it’s that redemption is real. (And “repentance” isn’t a bad word.) But redemption isn’t some form of amnesia: “I truly believe God is more interested in removing your shame than removing your memories.”

She’s increasingly passionate and unapologetic about “living redeemed” and seeing others willfully walk in freedom from whatever shame haunts them. Whether it’s through writing books or blogs, speaking (live or via social media), or appearing on podcasts or in video interviews, Rebecca’s greatest hope is exactly that: HOPE. To seed it. To feed it. To fuel it. To FREE it.

Rebecca’s 2 Most Recent Blog Posts:

First Time at First Steps to Success? 4 Mistakes to Avoid

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So -- you're going to Dani Johnson's First Steps to Success for the first time? Awesome! I first attended First Steps to Success in July 2017. At first, I thought it was unusual that there seemed to be such a high percentage of returning attendees. Now, it's no wonder why (to me). It's been a life-changing decision for me -- so I'm excited about it's potential for you! Speaking of which, yes, that's me talking with Dani in the photo below....
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Blogging: The 1 ‘Unusual’ Rule I Have for Photographers

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I’ve been managing my own WordPress (.org, not .com) website since at least 2012. (Special thanks to Bluehost.com, too!) SIDE NOTE: I do not have a background in web design or coding. So if you don’t either, welcome to the club. The majority of what I’ve since learned has either been through self-teaching and investing in related trainings. The secret is being teachable. Here’s one of the biggest reasons why photos — yes, of you — are so important: “…visuals…

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